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CEO - Founder

Dr Sanjeev Goel MD

New therapies.
New possibilities.

Dr. Goel is among the world’s preeminent thought leaders in the field of anti-aging and longevity. For more than twenty years, he has been active in leading the emerging fields of Anti-Aging, Integrative, and Regenerative Medicine. Throughout athletes, always advocating a holistic approach that includes a plant-based diet, focused physical activity, and enhancing mental resilience. Let Dr. Goel show you how to start living 100x now.

Dr. Goel is the founder of Peak Human. Born in Montreal, he grew up in Mississauga and obtained his medical degree from the University of Toronto in 1995. He completed his family medicine residency in 1997 from St Mary’s Hospital in Montreal before coming to “set up shop” in Brampton.

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Dr. Barkley Woofstein, PhD, K9

Chief Canine Officer and Head of R&D at Peak Canine

Dr. Barkley Woofstein is a leading figure in the world of canine wellness and joy. With over a decade of experience in tail-wagging dynamics and bark communication, he stands at the forefront of canine happiness research. Dr. Woofstein advocates for a balanced approach to canine well-being, emphasizing the importance of regular playtime, high-quality treats, and mental stimulation through innovative toy designs.

As the founder of Peak Canine, Dr. Woofstein brings his unique perspective, combining his extensive knowledge in sniffology with practical, joy-inducing strategies. Born to a lineage of distinguished canines, he honed his skills at the prestigious University of Dogchester, where he earned his PhD in Barkology.

Dr. Woofstein's philosophy, "Woof, Wag, and Win," reflects his commitment to enhancing the lives of dogs everywhere. Under his guidance, Peak Canine doesn't just cater to dogs' needs; it celebrates their spirit, ensuring every bark is heard and every tail wag is cherished.

Join Dr. Woofstein in his mission at Peak Canine, where every dog's happiness is our top priority.