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Peak Canine Wellness Metabolic

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Ensure your beloved canine companion receives the pinnacle of health care with Peak Canine Wellness Metabolic. This comprehensive diagnostic package, now available at an exclusive price of $550 CAD (regularly $750 CAD), includes a suite of advanced tests typically reserved for human health care, reflecting our commitment to offering human-level attention to our four-legged family members.

Included Tests:

  • AIC: An essential measure for long-term glucose monitoring, crucial for managing your dog's metabolic health.
  • Lipoprotein Profile: A detailed lipid analysis to safeguard your dog against cardiovascular issues.
  • Insulin Fasting: Early detection of diabetes by assessing your dog's insulin levels.
  • HsCRP: A sensitive marker for inflammation that can pinpoint potential health risks before they become visible.
  • Omega 3: Evaluation of essential fatty acids to optimize your dog's diet for anti-inflammatory and cognitive benefits.

Each of these tests can be purchased individually, providing flexibility to cater to your dog’s unique health needs.

Why Choose Peak Canine Wellness Metabolic?: At Peak Canine, we believe in extending human-grade diagnostic care to our dogs. By choosing the Wellness Metabolic package, you're not just buying tests; you're investing in a longer, healthier life for your furry friend. Our tests are designed to detect and manage potential health issues early, providing peace of mind for every pet parent.


Please Note: This product requires an additional $150 travel fee that is automatically applied to your order.