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Elevate your dog's health regime with the Peak Canine Minerals Test, now at an exclusive price of $179 CAD, offering a substantial saving from the standard $279 CAD. This test provides a stress-free experience as no lab visit is required; simply send us your dog's hair sample using our kit.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete Mineral Profile: Understand your dog's essential mineral levels to ensure their diet meets all their health needs.
  • Easy Sampling: Comfortably collect a hair sample from your dog at home, avoiding the hassle of a vet visit.
  • Tailored Health Strategies: Use the detailed mineral analysis to fine-tune your dog’s diet and supplements for optimal health.

Our Philosophy: At Peak Canine, we are dedicated to extending human-grade healthcare to our canine companions. Through specialized, non-invasive tests, we empower you to make the best health decisions for your dog's long and vibrant life.